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Extracurriculars, After School Program & Athletics

Learning Prep School offers students the opportunity to foster new interests and talents, gain self-confidence, and increase social/emotional skills in a fun and safe learning environment.

LPS In-school activities

In-school activities can include Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) and/or serving on the Blue/Green Spirit Committee or Wellness Committee. Students can run for the Student Council which plans social events for students including events like movie nights, dances, and prom.

LPS After School Programming

After School Programming is offered over three, 8-10 week sessions giving students multiple opportunities to try new activities. Activities are offered Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 2:45-4:00 PM. Each activity usually meets once or twice a week with flexible participation, giving students multiple opportunities to participate in multiple activities during a session. Activities are offered based on student interest but have included interscholastic soccer (fall), interscholastic basketball (winter), interscholastic ultimate frisbee (spring), theater, boxing, baking, dance, yoga, and farming & gardening.

LPS Interscholastic Sports

Interscholastic Sports Learning Prep School offers our student-athletes the opportunity to participate in year-long interscholastic sports. In an environment of fun and healthy competition, our student-athletes learn the fundamentals of their sport while training to meet individual and group goals. They build self-confidence while learning to foster relationships with their peers and coaches, improving their social competence. Moreover, they gain the tools needed to perform and achieve while gaining a life-long appreciation of wellness. Previously, we have partnered with like-minded, neighboring 766 schools such as Willow Hill, Clearway, Milestones, and Anchor Academy.

LPS Blue/Green Spirit Program

Blue/Green Spirit Program is designed to expand and enrich school culture and school spirit. Each year there are designated Blue/Green Spirit Days where students and staff engage in friendly and fun competitions that are appropriate for the age and grade level of the students. These include a myriad of extracurricular activities designed to advance school spirit and promote a healthy, vibrant, and respectful school culture.