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What is Enrichment at LPS? You may hear your student talk about "enrichment" and wonder, what class is that? Enrichment is period 3 every day and starts at 9:20. At the beginning of enrichment, students can go over to the cafeteria to pick up a free breakfast or a snack or students can also bring in a snack from home. Students eat their snack in their enrichment rooms where the first thing that staff do is read the daily bulletin. This is information specific to each building (Middle or High School) that includes information about fun happenings coming up ("Guess the Weight of the Pumpkin"), changes in routines, staff absences, what amazing lunch is offered today, upcoming Student Council events and more. This is an opportunity to answer any day to day questions and offer student support.

After snack, students then engage in their "enrichment" activity. Enrichment class exposes students to different experiences that they don't have an opportunity to have within their academic schedule. Students have a different Enrichment group every day of the week providing multiple opportunities to try new things! Options have included Yearbook, Color & Chat, Podcast, Improv, Yoga, Cultural Group, Walk & Talk, Arts & Crafts and Creative Writing (taught by Head of School, Kurt Moellering!).

One of the 5 Enrichment groups for all students is a Study Hall once a week. This is an opportunity for students to complete homework, make up a test, meet with a teacher and receive support from staff.

The staff who run Enrichment are our related service providers such as our speech therapists, counselors, occupational therapists, library media specialist, assistive technologist, reading specialist, elective teachers and a few academic teachers. These staff are in a perfect position to support students in the areas of executive function, social skill development and creative thinking. Enrichment offers a time for students and staff to interact with each other in a more informal way, explore new interests and have structured social time with peers - ask your child - they may say it's one of their favorite periods of the day!

By: Amy Davis

Learning Prep School - Amy Davis