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At LPS, we believe that elective classes can enrich the lives of our students, helping them find their interests and passions, build self-esteem, and develop real-world problem-solving skills. In addition to some traditional elective classes like Art, Physical Education, and Computers/Technology, we also offer three unique elective opportunities for students:

Horticulture (Middle and High School): Classes take place in our campus greenhouse and learn the basics of greenhouse maintenance, plant care, growing herbs and vegetables, and how to plan and start a garden in the springtime. In the spring, the greenhouse holds a Plant Sale and is open to our local community to purchase houseplants, flowers, herbs, and vegetable seedlings to plant in local gardens. Horticulture students learn planning and organizational skills, patience, work ethic, environmental awareness, mindfulness, nutrition, healthy eating, and much more. Students also learn entrepreneurial and marketing skills while running our greenhouse as a business. Many of our vegetables and herbs are utilized in our collaborative farm-to-table program with our Food Service team so everyone in our community can enjoy the benefits of our program.

Food Service (High School): Through the production of breakfast, lunch and special events, students prepare a variety of dishes. Our program focuses on fundamental culinary and employability skills in a true commercial kitchen setting. Skills developed in our class include kitchen safety, sanitation and safety, knife skills, nutrition, serving and customer service, reading and following a recipe, communication and teamwork.

Childcare (High School, Age 15+): Students have an opportunity to work in a licensed program that provides active Child Care for LPS employees. Students work alongside the Child Care teachers to directly assist the children with the daily routines and tasks necessary. Teachers provide instruction using school-wide learning strategies to reinforce work skills and behaviors throughout the school year such as the importance of punctuality, positive social skills, teamwork, self-advocating, professionalism, timely task completion, sequencing tasks and health & safety. Students do not necessarily have to want a career in Child Care to participate, however if interested, will be provided information and support to pursue further.