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Program Spotlights

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Committee

This year the DEIJ committee has been working on a few different initiatives.

First, we are working to more actively celebrate heritage, history, and pride months at Learning Prep. This first began with work towards celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, and we are now celebrating Native American Heritage Month. Our hallways are now decorated with flags, famous faces, and maps to inspire curiosity and conversation. We are incorporating educational materials that prioritize authentic voices and sources telling their own stories and histories. 

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Learning Prep School - Horticulture

At LPS, we believe that elective classes can enrich the lives of our students, helping them find their interests and passions, build self-esteem, and develop real-world problem-solving skills. In addition to some traditional elective classes like Art, Physical Education, and Computers/Technology, we also offer three unique elective opportunities for students: Horticulture*, Food Service*, and Childcare*. 

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After School Programs have been proven to support social, emotional, cognitive, and academic development. This is especially true for the program at Learning Prep School. We offer programs that encourage students to continue to develop their physical abilities, cognition and creativity while also having fun. The confidence gained through these programs can be seen in and outside of the school environment. Teachers and parents at LPS see the growth in their students. All of this happens while the students are having fun! The After School Program can be a wonderful addition to help foster your child's academic progress and social growth. Learning Prep School was thrilled to bring back our After School Program at the start of the 2021-22 school year after its hiatus due to Covid.

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Pretty soon after the Near Year, parents everywhere are starting to think, "Okay, what is my child going to do this summer?" For roughly a third of LPS students, they will attend our annual 3 week Summer Program which is held every July. And new this year, we are thrilled to open up the program to the public! The LPS Summer Program (EYP) is designed to maintain progress and prevent substantial regression through structured educational and social experiences. The students benefit from the appropriate academic instruction, teacher directed interactive academic lessons, strategies and accommodations responding to students' learning styles, skill reinforcement and social skills training through their classes.

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Learning Prep School - Thinking Maps

Twenty years ago in 2002, Learning Prep School began using a new system of visual tools called Thinking Maps®. Developed by Dr. David Hyerle in 1988, he figured out that every person analyzes information in 8 different ways.

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What is Enrichment at LPS? You may hear your student talk about "enrichment" and wonder, what class is that? Enrichment is period 3 every day and starts at 9:20. At the beginning of enrichment, students can go over to the cafeteria to pick up a free breakfast or a snack or students can also bring in a snack from home. Students eat their snack in their enrichment rooms where the first thing that staff do is read the daily bulletin. This is information specific to each building (Middle or High School) that includes information about fun happenings coming up ("Guess the Weight of the Pumpkin"), changes in routines, staff absences, what amazing lunch is offered today, upcoming Student Council events and more. This is an opportunity to answer any day to day questions and offer student support.

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