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Parent Testimonials

Sam's Success at Learning Prep

Sam is attending his third year at LPS and it has been an amazing three years. He is a confident and happy student and he has many friends who he says “are just like me.”

Before LPS it was an academic struggle for Sam. He would go to school and didn’t understand why he had to go to other classes for reading, math, and OT. At home, we would sit together to do homework and Sam was so frustrated because he wasn’t grasping the content in school. Now he comes home and sits right down to do homework. If reading is included he opens up his book and reads aloud; asking questions if needed.

It’s just amazing as a parent to watch Sam transform at LPS. He is developing great social skills from his relationships with his peers and teachers. We love how LPS has a sense of community and focuses on the students and their needs. Not just with academics, they also learn about social skills as well, including how to respect each other.

If you ask Sam about LPS, he says: “I love it. I have a lot of nice friends and I have many great teachers!” When other students come for a trial Sam serves as an ambassador.

We would recommend highly recommend to any parent. They ensure every student has the opportunity to learn and grow in supportive environment, what more could we hope for. It’s a wonderful school and and we look forward to opportunities to volunteer and attend school events.

-Michael and Lisa Goggin, Parents of Sam, 6th grader

November 2019


Home Away From Home

Our son Nick found his academic and social “home” almost immediately after starting LPS in 3rd grade back in 2015.

Prior to LPS and while attending Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade in our local public school, Nick felt disconnected and isolated. He was pulled in and out of the typical classroom setting as they attempted to address his needs. As a result, his ability to focus, enjoy learning and grow socially became yet another set of challenges to overcome.

Although Nick attends a school far outside his local neighborhood, he continues to happily accept the sacrifices necessary to be part of a great community. We are proud of who he is becoming. He doesn’t run from challenges, but tackles them head on. He feels understood, his needs met and is well supported at LPS.

LPS continues to improve and evolve with each passing year allowing us as parents to maintain our confidence in the decision we made as a family back in 2015.

-Chris & Suzanne Lazzaro, Proud parents of Nicholas, 7th grader

December 2019

Alumni Testimonials

Liam Sullivan ‘16

When I first came to Learning Prep for orientation back in 5th grade, I remember being very nervous about starting at a new school without knowing anybody there. After an hour on campus, I knew right away that this was going to be the right fit for me. Smaller classes helped accelerate my learning and improve my focus. All of my teachers were so helpful and understanding. They would break assignments down and explain everything I had to do. I was also given extra time when taking tests and quizzes. The non-academic classes I took like foodservice, horticulture and computers were awesome too because they provided me break from my academic course load while learning valuable life skills. It was hard graduating in 2016 because I enjoyed my eight years at LPS so much. Learning Prep School helped me find success.

Sarah Lyberger ‘16

My experience at Learning Prep School was extremely positive, and even life-changing. The LPS staff honestly care about their students, and they do their very best to help them reach their highest potential.Many current and former LPS students have a lot in common, especially when it comes to unique learning challenges in addition to coping and working through them. I am grateful to have attended LPS for high school. I wouldn’t have come this far in my education without LPS.

Sarah Risko ‘04
Before LPS I had no social skills, no self-esteem, and never smiled. After a year at LPS, I was on pace with my "typically functioning" peers in reading, I had friends, and I was beyond happy. Post LPS I have: a college degree, a full-time job, a single-family house, a fiance, and an amazingly happy life. Thank you to the LPS staff for all that you do!

Matt Morin ‘13
Learning Prep School has changed my life for the better. Entering the 8th grade at LPS I was reading at a third-grade level. Thanks to the dedicated and loving staff at LPS, I was able to not only succeed at my academic goals but was shown that I was capable of doing much more than ever expected. Upon graduation from the Learning Prep School, I was reading and writing at grade level, got accepted and later graduated from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst with a bachelor's degree and I now have a rewarding career in law enforcement. I owe all of my academic and personal success to the Learning Prep School and their staff!

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