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Sari Star - Middle School Literature & Language Arts Teacher

Sari Star - Middle School Literature & Language Arts Teacher

What do you do at LPS?

I am a Language Arts / Reading teacher in the Middle School! This is my 5th year at LPS, and for my first 3 years, I taught math!

Where were you before you came to LPS?

Before LPS, I worked at a private special education school in Potomac, Maryland. It's a very similar population to LPS, but much smaller (35 students in the entire school)!

What is your favorite part of being an educator?

The "lightbulb" moment. It's such a fulfilling moment when a student has been struggling with a concept and then it finally clicks!!

Why did you get into education?

Throughout my K-12 years, school was always a challenge. So many teachers throughout elementary, middle, and high school helped me along the way and were so patient with me. I feel that teaching is my way to "give back" and help kids as other teachers have done for me. Although every student is different, I feel like I've been in my students shoes and can relate to them in that way.

What is the best book you have ever read?

I was never a big reader, but one of the silver linings of quarantine was diving into so many good books! I can't pick just one, but some favorites are Malibu Rising, Northern Spy, and Verity.

What shows are you currently binge watching?

I am currently watching the Dropout on Hulu. It's so captivating!

Tell us something that might surprise us about you.

I like listening to Queen and other rock bands as well as country music!