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Mike Shammas - Food Service Instructor

Mike Shammas - Food Service Instructor

Can you explain what you do at LPS?

I strive every day to teach students new skills that students can use in their daily lives, their school day and their professional career. Even if it's not culinary related I hope they can use the skill or concept as a work tool.

Where were you before you came to LPS?

Directly before I was working full-time at Tomasso Trattoria. My last teaching assignment was at Bay Path Vocational and before that at Putnam Vocational in Springfield. I've also taught Adult Education classes at Keefe Tech and Assabet Vocational. As a chef, we are teaching our staff daily.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role with LPS?

I get to work with the great population here at LPS and feed them good food as well.

Why did you get into education?

I wanted to transfer my skill set from a daily grind to being able to teach the next generation, hoping they will learn a usable skill in their daily lives.

What is your favorite part of being an educator?

Seeing the students' progress in their personal lives, today and in the future.

What keeps you motivated?

Seeing the students actions and confidence build so they realize 'I can do that' and they can bring it home to their families or use in their work lives.

What is your most memorable student experience or favorite teaching moment?

One of my former students at Bay Path, whom I recommended for Skills USA started working at the same restaurant I was at and progressed to being my manager. Last year I recommended she apply for a teaching position at Bay Path and she was hired for it.

What does true leadership mean to you?

Being able to naturally motivate others while concentrating on what's truly important and concentrating on the benefits of the action. Someone who may take a calculated risk, even in the face of potential failure.

What is the best book you have ever read?

Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly, Anthony Bourdain

What is the last book you read?

Six Rings: The Super Bowl History of the New England Patriots

What is your personal philosophy?

You only get out of it what you put into it. This includes life, work, relationships and even a recipe.

What shows are you currently binge watching?

City on the Hill, Ozark

What is the greatest challenge you have had to overcome in your life thus far?

Divorce and closing my restaurant at the same time of my life.

Where is the best place you've traveled to and why?

Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. I lump them together because they were all part of a 6 month-jaunt

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My parents.