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What are R.A.P.P. Grades?

What are R.A.P.P. Grades?

By: Amy Davis, Principal

What are R.A.P.P. grades?

R.A.P.P. stands for (Responsibility, Approach, Participation & Progress). It is feedback that academic staff provide students in order to recognize areas of strength and areas of needed improvement. Strong communication is an essential part of the LPS program: not only communication with students, teachers, and counselors, but also communication with parents. We know that feedback is an important component of success and goal sheets (for middle school only) and R.A.P.P. grades are a valuable tool we use to provide feedback in order to applaud successes and problem solve challenges.    

Middle school teachers complete R.A.P.P. grades weekly. They can be found at the back of each students’ binder and are in plastic sleeves and are color coded as: 

Reading – pink :: Language Arts – yellow :: Math – blue :: Social Studies – salmon :: Science – green

R.A.P.P. grades are reviewed weekly in counseling with students and teachers give feedback to the students when they hand them back to the students.  Feel free to regularly check your student’s R.A.P.P. grades - our goal is for teachers to complete them on Friday or Monday for the prior week.

New this Year

High school teachers will be completing R.A.P.P. grades monthly. This is the same level of feedback that middle school students were used to, but rather than weekly, it will come monthly. The format will appear different as the high school staff are using a Google form to compile R.A.P.P. information.  Both the student and staff will fill out the form so teachers can use that information when conferencing with students about perceptions of classroom performance.  This information will be emailed to you along with your monthly class update.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or your student’s counselor.

Amy Davis