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Reflections over break

Reflections over break
Learning Prep School - Amy Davis

By: Amy Davis, Principal

Welcome back from the February vacation week. As we return to our regular schedule and turn the calendar to March, we are looking at two-thirds of the school year already complete, with the last third about to go racing by...CRAZY!  The break provided me a chance to step back, enjoy time with my family, get things done around the house but more importantly, it gave me a chance to reflect on my first half of the school year as principal of the whole school. 

I have been at LPS for 23 years, and have worked in the Elementary/Middle School for all of those years.  This year was my first opportunity to expand my role and step into the high school world.  It has been wonderful to be able to catch up and see with my own eyes the growth in the students who started at LPS in the Elementary/Middle School.  So much learning on all fronts.  While LPS is a small school we occasionally hear about student successes as they move through the grades but there is something about being able to interact with them and experience how much they have matured and who they have grown up to be. 

In my 23 years I have learned a lot about Learning Prep and what goes into making it successful.  I have learned about our student population and the best strategies to help them learn in the classroom and in the real world.  I think back to all that I did not know when I started in 1998. (SIDEBAR:  a student pointed out today “oh you started 5 years before I was born”...there is a moment of self reflection…).

But, in this 24th year I am discovering that there is a lot I didn't know about our school.  It has been thrilling to expand my knowledge of what works best for our older learners, what they need to learn and how best to engage them as learners and young adults in this world.  My love for this school has grown in a whole new arena.  While many things have changed in my role over the years, one thing that has not changed (and never gets old) is receiving or being copied on emails like this:

“I just wanted to let you know how fun and easy you made school for me. You made me excited to learn, you made the kid that didn’t like reading excited to view a whole new world through books.”

This is just priceless.  I am excited and committed to our students, families and staff to continue to build a strong, creative, and supportive learning community.