A school delivering a language-based program for students grades 5-12 with complex profiles.

College & Career Readiness

With an emphasis on collaboration, problem-solving and communication, our Transition Program prepares students for college, careers and independent living through hands-on, real-life, and work-related experiences.

Freshman & Sophomore Year:

Students explore careers by researching career fields and specific occupations. Students self-reflect on their level of independence and personal interests in their Consumer Skills classes as well as discuss resources available in the community and ways that they can become more responsible and independent both at school and in their personal life.

Junior Year:

Students research various working environments as well as the education and training required for fields related to their interests and career goals. Students begin to meet 1:1 with their Transition Counselor to discuss personal educational and career goals, discuss academically appropriate programs, and assist students in determining what program may be a good match.

Senior Year:

Students narrow their focus on career, education, and community involvement. They also gain valuable workplace skills in the Experiential Learning Program. Students and their families continue to work with the Transition Counselor to research appropriate post-high school programs, complete college application packets or explore career opportunities.

For more information on how we support students and families during their senior year, check out this Post High School Planning Overview.

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