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Student Spotlight: PJ Pothier, 10th Grade

Student Spotlight: PJ Pothier, 10th Grade

Peter “PJ” Pothier is a 15 and a half year old tenth grader at Learning Prep. PJ joined our school community during the Summer of 2021 after attending the Wolf School in Rhode Island for middle school. PJ travels from his hometown of Pembroke to West Newton every day. In the classroom at LPS, he is focused, hard-working, and conscientious

PJ is not just a great student - he is also a student athlete. When PJ was 11, he ran his first 5K in Scituate, and a love of competitive running was born. Since that time, PJ has been a member of the Wolf School Cross Country team, and this year, he joined the Pembroke High School Cross Country team. 

This season, PJ’s team won the Ocean State XC Invitational, the Dick Atkinson Invitational, and the Patriot League Cross Country Championship. It was an outstandingly successful season! PJ loves being part of the team. In addition to running daily with the group, he loves attending meets, team-building events like pasta parties, and supporting other Pembroke Titan teams. After the season, PJ will take a break to enjoy his family’s favorite winter activity of skiing, but in the spring he looks forward to running again on Pembroke’s spring Track and Field Team. 

PJ is proud to be able to be part of LPS’s academic community and his hometown’s athletic community. As he looks toward graduation, he is excited to leave his mark as a Panther and a Titan!