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Student Spotlight: OWEN SUTCLIFFE, 10th grade

Student Spotlight: OWEN SUTCLIFFE, 10th grade

In April, LPS's Owen Sutcliffe was nominated for, and awarded, the "Dougie" Award by the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation. Owen, who like his younger brother Leo, has an autism diagnosis, is a fantastic supporter of Leo’s artwork. His family's self-proclaimed “Sales Man”, Owen worked over 30 events in 2021, raising over $3,000 for the 501c3 @completepuzzle that the Sutcliffe family founded. All funds raised support the autism community: Individuals, their families and the therapists that help them progress.

Over the years, as the result of his hard work with therapists and his family, Owen's confidence has grown. His increased confidence and growing skills have paved the way for him to be successful supporting and promoting Leo. Owen has earned the ability to do this AND he consistently rises to the occasion. Owen circulates at all of his brother's exhibits telling anyone that will listen that Leo is “the best artist in our whole family!” There are sales that result because he puts himself out there. 

In addition, Owen mailed bookmarks featuring Leo’s artwork to several Massachusetts public libraries, resulting in an exhibit at the @tiltonlibrary last November.

We are so proud of Owen and his hard work on behalf of his brother and the Autism community, and we are lucky to have him as part of our LPS community. This award is so well-deserved. Congratulations Owen!