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Blue/Green Day Success!

Blue/Green Day Success!

Last week for our Blue/Green day students participated in a Scavenger Hunt. 12 groups competed to find 64 clues hidden throughout the LPS campus. Team Blue Buffalo scored a perfect game with 64 correct answers-congrats on your unbelievable performance!

Shout out to Team Blue-Zilla for using their resources and finding a list of the Board of Directors on the website, and the Green Team Rovers for Googling a picture of a jar of baby food! Amazing creative thinking by the Team Blue Jaguars and the Silly Sevens Team for finding an adult wearing red who is also a student! Teams Green Gorillas, Green Slime, and Blue Jaguars win the safety prize for figuring out that the “lifesaver” clue was meant to be an AED, but we were delighted to find out how many people love lifesaver candies at LPS, so everyone got points for those too!

We also learned that there are incredible photographers here at Learning Prep. Team Mean Green Machine's commitment to featuring team members in almost all of their photos was impressive! Blue Team 4 captured the best staff selfies, but Blue Team 5’s team photo with Kurt was best group photo overall!

Scoring really came down to the wire. A delay was caused by Team Green Beans' slideshow, the scorekeepers laughed so hard at some of the photo descriptions they fell off of their chairs.

Ultimately the Blue Team won, but it was an absolute squeaker at 340 vs. 335. All the groups blew us away with their great attitude, hard work, and good sportsmanship.

Congratulations to EVERYONE! Learning Prep School has the best school spirit and teamwork!