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    People often as, "what exactly is OT?" and "what do the OTs do at Learning Prep?". As occupational therapists, our job is to help support a student’s ability to participate in desired and necessary school activities. Our occupational therapists have been trained on how to break down everyday tasks and help students to facilitate access to school and extracurricular activities. Within occupational therapy, we have worked with students on building foundational fine motor, gross motor, visual motor, visual perceptual skills and self-regulation skills. Additionally, occupational therapists work with students on executive functioning skills by creating individualized school and life skill tasks that work on initiation, planning, organization, problem solving, and self-monitoring. We are in constant collaboration with teachers to help support students gain independence and increase their activities of daily living. Here is just a sample of what is done in OT at LPS, using a Thinking Map:

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    Learning Prep will participate in a Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) Approved Special Education Virtual School Mid-Cycle Review during the week of May 3, 2021. Due to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, Massachusetts declared a state of emergency that ceased inperson Department monitoring activities beginning March 16, 2020. However, as the Department is required by federal and state special education law to conduct periodic reviews of approved special education school programs throughout the Commonwealth, all monitoring activities conducted during onsite reviews have since resumed virtually. Mid-cycle reviews, such as the one being conducted at Learning Prep, will include document review, student record review, observations of the facility including instructional areas, and interviews of a sampling of staff.

    For more information about the Mid-Cycle Review, click here.

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    We received updated information regarding this year's MCAS testing from Commissioner Riley which indicates that our current juniors will not be taking the MCAS test and a remote option will be available for our Middle School students. We will continue to update you as we receive information.

    Below is the MCAS update from Commissioner Riley:

    At the April meeting, I will recommend to the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education that the competency determination (CD) requirement be modified in English language arts and Mathematics for students in the class of 2022 who have not yet earned their CD, in recognition of the missed testing opportunities for that class. As a result, the upcoming MCAS administration window scheduled to open on May 3rd will no longer be required for current 11th graders.

    Districts will be able to offer a remote administration of the 2021 ELA, Mathematics and Science assessments in grades 3-8 to accommodate families who chose to have their children learn remotely through the end of the school year. Our Student Assessment office will provide additional detail and training in the coming weeks.

    Below is the update schedule:

    Grade 5 – only 1 session per test this year (computer vs. paper based testing is determined through the IEP)

    • ELA, May 17th
    • Math, May 19th
    • Science, May 27th

    Grades 6, 7 & 8 - testing TBD

    Grade 9 Biology (legacy test all paper based)

    • June 8 & 9

    Grade 10 ELA (we are choosing to give the next-generation test) (computer vs. paper based testing is determined through the IEP)

    • 10th grade, May 5 & 7

    Grade 10 Math (next-generation test)

    • 10th grade, May 12 & 14

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    Following DESE guidelines, we are making a few changes to our Covid-Response plan, specifically concerning protocols we follow if we learn of a positive case of Covid on our campus. Our previous guidance had us shutting down the entire school for 5 days and keeping the cohort remote for 2 weeks. We are amending this. We will NOT close the entire school if we have a positive case on campus. We will notify all close contacts of that positive case and those close contacts will follow the following protocols as described below:

    In the context of COVID-19, a “close contact” is defined as living in the same household as a person who has tested positive for COVID-19, caring for a person who has tested positive for COVID-19, being within 6 feet of a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 for about 15 minutes, or has been in direct contact with secretions (e.g., sharing utensils, being coughed on) from a person who has tested positive for COVID-19, while that person was symptomatic or in the 48 hours prior to illness onset.

    We will keep close contacts in a remote model for 7 days and invite them back in-person on Day 8 if:

    • A test (either PCR, Abbott Binesor antigen) taken on Day 5 or later is negative; AND
    • The individual has not experienced any symptoms up to that point; AND
    • The individual conducts active monitoring through Day 14.

    For the positive cases themselves, we will have them remote for 10 days of strict quarantine and invite them back in-person on Day 11 if:

    • The individual has not experienced any symptoms up to that point; AND
    • The individual conducts active monitoring through Day 14.

    No test is necessary under this option.

    Individuals who have gotten two doses of the Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines or one dose of the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) COVID-19 vaccine more than 14 days ago are not required to quarantine following an exposure.

    Additionally individuals who had COVID-19 in the last 90 days (from day of symptom onset or day of first positive test if asymptomatic), are not required to quarantine following an exposure.

    Our official plan on our website will soon be amended to reflect this.

  • 29 Mar 2021 8:20 AM | Anonymous

    To foster connections among our current LPS families we have created a private Facebook group just for you called LPS Panther Parents & Families Group.

    Special thanks to Rachel Clouse 'P22, who suggested the creation of this group. Rachel's daughter is a junior at LPS. Rachel is also a member of Partners In Education (PIE) at LPS. Partners In Education is an association that includes parents and staff of Learning Prep School.

    Please continue referring to our weekly newsletter for the most current & up-to-date info about school events. Rachel will answer questions and ensure this is a safe and open place for all parents. This will be parent-run and parent moderated; although LPS administrators may follow the site, they will not participate. As always, please reach out to Alex Magay, Jennifer Thorell, Amy Davis, Susan Powers Smith, or Korina Martin if you have specific school questions or concerns.

    To join the group, click the link below this paragraph. You will be prompted to answer a few questions, your name & email address, your student's name, and your grade; then, we will review your membership request as soon as possible, and then you will be in the group!

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    As you may have heard, the state has sent out new tentative dates for MCAS testing this spring. Testing is in-person only at this time and will follow our current COVID safety model. We will be in touch with those remote families, individually, to discuss testing. Students are preparing for the tests in their respective classes. We have identified the following tentative dates for this year’s testing and will be sending out communication if there are any changes.

    Grade 5 – only 1 session per test this year (computer vs. paper based testing is determined through the IEP)

    • ELA, May 17th
    • Math, May 19th
    • Science, May 27th

    Grades 6, 7 & 8 - testing TBD

    Grade 9 Biology (legacy test all paper based)

    • June 8 & 9

    Grade 10 and 11 ELA (we are choosing to give the next-generation test) (computer vs. paper based testing is determined through the IEP)

    • 11th grade, May 3 & 4
    • 10th grade, May 5 & 7

    Grade 10 Math (Next-generation test) and Grade 11 Math (legacy test)

    • 11th grade, May 10 & 11
    • 10th grade, May 12 & 14
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    July 12th – July 30th, 2021

    Middle School (Entering grades 5-8)

    High School (Entering grades 9-12)

    Learning Prep School Summer Program (Extended Year Program referred to as EYP) is a 3-week program beginning Monday, July 12th and ending Friday, July 30th. The program will operate Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 2:00pm. The EYP is designed to maintain progress and prevent substantial regression through structured educational and social experiences. We are planning an in person program in the same set up as we have currently with the cohort model.  This model and the COVID environment will certainly be monitored as we get closer to July, in the off chance that we can be a bit more “normal” by then.  Families have the option for their child to participate remotely, if they choose, similar to our current school plan.  Any student participating in the program would keep their Chromebook and return it at the end of the 3 weeks.

    We are implementing an in person summer program with an option for students to be fully remote, this year. 

    Remote students will be grouped together, separate from the in person students.

    In person students will be separated into a Middle school cohort and one or two High school cohorts.  The academic staff will remain within these cohorts, however the Speech, OT and elective staff will teach all students and go between the cohorts. 

    We will continue to follow the state COVID safety protocols as outlined below in the COVID related health policy below and will include:

    ●      mandatory mask wearing, with the exception of 2 mask breaks during break and lunch times

    ●      frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing stations will be utilized

    ●      disinfectant spray will be used in the classroom and during PE activities

    ●      6 feet physical distancing will be implemented in each classroom where possible with no less than 3 feet if needed

    ●      students will not be allowed to share materials

    ●      regular cleaning schedule by the maintenance staff

    Parent choice:

    Parents will be able to choose the remote or in person program.  This choice will need to be made before the program begins and will remain for the entirety of the program.  

    Middle School

    Program components consist of academic classes, social skills groups, art/computers, organizational support, social activities and structured virtual field trips. The academic areas will include reading, math, writing, and social communication. 

    High School:

    Program components consist of functional academic classes, social and transitional/independent living skills development as well as virtual field trips.  The functional academic areas will include reading, math, and writing.  All students entering 12th grade will be participating in an on campus work experience, 2 days per week, in our food service kitchen or other opportunities.

    Enrollment Information:

    The Summer Program (EYP) is not approved by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).  A school district seeking placement in the LPS Summer Program may submit the Notification of Intent to Seek Approval for Individual Student Program (form 28M/3) to DESE.  Parents may choose to enroll independently. 

    The tuition for Summer Program (EYP) is $3,300.  The EYP is open to any student who is enrolled at Learning Prep School.   Registration is now open and easy!  Just click on this link https://www.familyid.com/programs/learning-prep-school-summer-program-2021.  The registration deadline is June 7th.  Please contact Gretchen Petersen at gpetersen@learningprep.org with any questions. 

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