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'Landlines' Brings a New Life to Theatre at LPS

30 May 2019 1:01 PM | Anonymous

On Thursday, May 16th LPS students in our enrichment production had put up a spectacular show in a short amount of time. 

Looking back over the life of our first enrichment production project Landlines, our students accomplished so much for themselves and for our school. This year we started having one period a day for an enrichment class during what used to be our 3rd period break. Students are able to rotate to a different class each day during the week that varies from students’ standard core curriculum classes (i.e. Pixel Art, Baking, Team Sports, Color and Chat, etc.). For terms 3 and 4 we also offered a slightly different class during the enrichment period, which was our production class.

Our class met 5 days a week during 3rd period. Students in the class did not rotate, but stayed in Theatre the entire week. We were able to hold auditions, rehearse, and put up a show in 3.5 months time while only meeting 40 minutes a day. This is pretty amazing and a huge accomplishment.

Many students in this production were first timers to the stage as well as to memorizing lines. And to top it off, they were all successful in this ambitious endeavor. All of them developed stronger acting skills and gained self confidence during this experience. They were also able to build skills through cast bonding games and experiences. Students had the opportunity to work with one of our speech teacher Erin Lackaye throughout the rehearsal process to better understand their lines and work towards memorization or “being off book” twice a week during rehearsal. Erin was also our stage manager and assistant director. This was Erin’s first time working on a show at LPS and she jumped right in and did a fantastic job.

When it finally came time for our first performance, the students were nervous, but more than ready to perform in front of an audience. All 4 performances we were met with energetic audiences who were engaged through the whole show with laughter and applause.

Landlines was our first jump into building our theatre program at LPS, and we dove right in, both staff and students. As the cast came onto the stage for their final bows on May 16th, I stood up with a tear in my eye thinking of all their capabilities. I am excited to jump into next year with high expectations and great plans ahead.

Join us for our final performance of the year on June 6th at 7 PM in the LPS Cafeteria for The Prince Who Wouldn’t Talk. Email rsnavely@learningprep.org to reserve your tickets now or for any questions about our Theatre program.

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