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April is Occupational Therapy month!

02 Apr 2021 11:45 AM | Anonymous

People often as, "what exactly is OT?" and "what do the OTs do at Learning Prep?". As occupational therapists, our job is to help support a student’s ability to participate in desired and necessary school activities. Our occupational therapists have been trained on how to break down everyday tasks and help students to facilitate access to school and extracurricular activities. Within occupational therapy, we have worked with students on building foundational fine motor, gross motor, visual motor, visual perceptual skills and self-regulation skills. Additionally, occupational therapists work with students on executive functioning skills by creating individualized school and life skill tasks that work on initiation, planning, organization, problem solving, and self-monitoring. We are in constant collaboration with teachers to help support students gain independence and increase their activities of daily living. Here is just a sample of what is done in OT at LPS, using a Thinking Map:

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