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Our commitment to the affective needs of our children; Jen Thorell, High School Principal

08 Oct 2019 11:01 AM | Anonymous

If you are a sports fan, living in New England in recent years has been full of titles. Since 2000, the Patriots have won six Super Bowls, the Sox have won 3 World Series titles, the Bruins have one Stanley Cup, and even the Celtics had one NBA Championship win. With so many wins we think our teams are unstoppable and become “those” fans who think that winning is just what we do. The reality is that amongst those wins, there were also a lot of losses.

Losses occur. When the Patriots lose, they analyze what happened, take responsibility for the loss, and figure out how to win the next time by not making the same mistakes. That’s what makes them better. Funny how sports can be a metaphor for life! We all have experienced our own “losses” or mistakes and if we have a healthy sense of self, we know that our mistakes don’t define us. They are opportunities for learning and developing the skills necessary to cope with challenges when they arrive. All too often we find that our society tries to prevent our children from making mistakes or feeling uncomfortable. While no one wants to see their child upset, pushing all obstacles out of the way is a detriment to the healthy development of skills to cope when challenges occur. At LPS, when our students experience mistakes and failures within our supportive environment, we work with them to acknowledge issues, and gain skills to deal with unintended consequences. It may be difficult at times but we are committed to the affective development of our students as well as the academic. Our students may not be winning a Super Bowl but they can win at conquering the challenges that life throws at them! 

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