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The last six months; Ted Sharp, Interim Executive Director

20 Nov 2018 9:36 AM | Anonymous

This Thanksgiving we will gather with family and friends to celebrate the gift of good health and the opportunity to spend quality time with one another. On behalf of all of us at LPS, enjoy this special time of year with your family and friends.

During the past year here at school we have accomplished much and, like all successful organizations, we have much left to do. Indeed, high performing institutions will have much to accomplish each year as they are always in pursuit of excellence. As we have stated before, at LPS we welcome challenges for the opportunities that they present, each one enabling us to rededicate our collective energy, talent, knowledge, and passion to advance our mission and educational program.

It has been six months since May 2018 when I shared my annual State of the School message with extended LPS community. Underlying all of our work is to institutionalize best practice in all facets of our educational program. In a more succinct fashion than that narrative, here is an updated listing of our major accomplishments and the work in which we are continually engaged.

  • Developed an ongoing three-year Strategic Plan and together with our mission statement, this is the common reference point for all of our work at LPS.
  • Designed and implemented a comprehensive Curriculum Review & Development Protocol to guide the articulation, sequencing, and assessment for the educational program across the grades.
  • Designed and implemented a Student Citizenship Protocol focusing on the development of character and the understanding and responsibility for contributing to the common good. This protocol is based on our LPS Code of Conduct and it is advanced by common themes, readings, and discussions between and among our students and staff. It is designed to take advantage of the teaching moments that are frequently presented in class and during activities, opportunities to reinforce our core values of respect, responsibility, courage, compassion, and honesty.
  • Refined and reinforced the development and assessment of short (annual) and longer term goals for all LPS personnel, as well as an annual evaluation of all personnel.
  • Designed and implemented a protocol on the competencies required to perform as a highly effective school leader. These essential skills and knowledge are presented and discussed on a periodic basis with our senior level and mid-level administrators.
  • Initiated and continue to develop a relationship with several area 766 (Special Education) schools intended to provide opportunities for our students to interact with peers from other schools through engagement in athletics and activities.
  • Appointed a Director of Athletics and Activities to guide the work intended to expand our After School Program at LPS. The precursor to this initiative was the development of our Blue/Green Spirit Program and the resurgence of our school mascot, the Panther.
  • Developed a Program Review and Reconstruction Plan as required by the State and recently received formal approval for this plan.
  • Secured a major gift from a corporate foundation enabling us to renovate the Greenhouse and reintegrate the horticulture program effective as of August 2018.
  • All policies and job descriptions have been reviewed and edited where required.
  • Redesigned our transition/work study program by complementing job site experiences with course work and field trips designed to expand student competence and confidence as they prepare for life after LPS.
  • Advanced select personnel appointments designed to improve the delivery of services attendant to those positions and offices.
  • Developed and implemented an ongoing three year maintenance and capital plan for the school. Extensive landscaping of the school grounds, the renovation of the greenhouse, lowering of ceilings to improve acoustics in the high school building, replacing old carpeting, installing new lighting throughout the school, sanding and re-staining the woodwork and door in the EMS, developing a student lounge (the Panther Den) for the juniors and seniors, continuing to replace older furniture with new, and continuing to invest in technology. These serve as tangible examples of infrastructure improvements designed to effectively and efficiently support the educational program.
  • Establishment of the Partners in Education (PIE) program providing a forum for a healthy and transparent partnership between the school and parents designed to enhance the educational experience for all students. This initiate also includes expanding the number of Parent Advisory Group (PAG) meetings from two to four.
  • Our LPS social media program and options have been expanded and the LPS website is continuously being updated.
  • The Office of Development and Alumni Relations has established an Alumni Executive Council and a robust program of opportunities for LPS alums to engage with one another.
  • Advancing student voice and leadership by including student representation on the Blue/Green Spirit Committee and the Wellness Committee.

Teaching and learning remain at the center of our work. The dedication of our faculty, staff, and administration is in evidence each day. The well-being of each student is paramount! And finally, as always, thanks to all parents for the privilege of working with your sons and daughters.

Enjoy the holiday!


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