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Perseverance, Effort, and Hope pay off: Big lessons to be learned from the Patriots; Jen Thorell, High School Principal

23 Oct 2018 9:32 AM | Anonymous

For many of us, our weekends are filled with household chores, errands, meal preparation, and hopefully some fun. If you were lucky enough to be able spare three hours this Sunday to watch the Pats game, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Through four quarters the Pats battled the Bears to an ending that was clutch (if you are a Pats fan). The Bears quarterback threw a 54 yard “hail mary” in an effort to tie the game. He threw it right to the receiver. It should have been game over, but the Pats showed up in force to keep Kevin White out of the end zone. The game was ugly overall but in the end, the Pats came up as victorious.

I often look for examples in everyday life that teach us lessons. Sunday’s Pats game was one of them. There were a lot of turnovers on each side which, for a coach, is considered a failure. We experience these types of struggles in life as well. One minute everything is going well and the next, something unexpected happens. We may find that we learn differently than others. In these moments, our perseverance keeps us going, knowing that the next turnover may be in our favor. When we see these as challenges to overcome, not challenges that defeat us, we grow. We develop coping strategies that serve us for years to come. Failure gives us opportunities to changes and be better. Without it, we are stagnant.

Trubisky (Bears' QB) threw that “hail mary” because he wanted to win but, he also believed that he could win. He had hope. Overcoming challenges requires hope and belief that the actions we take will make a difference in how things turn out. When facing a challenge in life, whether it is with learning or not, those with hope for the future fair far better than those who do not have hope. It keeps us looking forward to where we can be the best “us” we can be.

We are all born with different talents in life. Only 2% of NCAA football players get drafted into the NFL. Some of those drafted have raw talent and some have talent but have to work extra hard to succeed. Talent isn’t equal to effort. You may have incredible talent but not care enough to make something of it. On the other hand, you may have some talent but need to work extra hard to really make it. Effort is the key to making progress. Students may have a hard time with an essay but, the effort they put into it can make a difference. It's what can separate them from those who have strength in an area they struggle with, but no drive. That concerted effort helps them experience success.

LPS staff work to build perseverance, effort, and hope in each student every day. We seek to identify strengths and recognize that students hold the keys to their own success. Encouragement from school and home to develop the necessary characteristics to be successful help each student reach their fullest potential. We may not have the feeling that the Pats have when they win a tough game, but we all have the opportunity to feel successful it we persevere, give 100% effort each day, and have hope.

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