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Welcome back!; Amy Davis, Elementary and Middle School Principal

10 Oct 2018 9:30 AM | Anonymous

I have heard from the students that you all had a great summer (although most said it went by too fast)!! We are about 6 weeks into school and it feels like it has flown by fast. Students are settling in and getting used to the new routines.

So far this year, things we have done include: transition/orientation activities where students were able to do some “getting to know you” activities, familiarize themselves with the expectations of Learning Prep, learn about our Citizenship initiative, as well as tour the buildings and attend a beginning of the year welcome assembly; learn about the various components of Learning Prep, such as reviewing Thinking Maps® and Social Thinking® concepts, what it means to be a good citizen at LPS, review the basic components of the Reading, Math, Social Studies, and Science curriculum, and learn about the A.C.T. Program (Activate, Calm, and Think) from the Occupational Therapy department.

Students had an opportunity to meet most, if not all, of the staff members in the building. Additionally, each student's notebook was set up with the help of a staff member. All students are now going through their set schedules and teaching staff are in various stages of assessing proper class placement. If your child comes home and says “I got a schedule change” feel free to reach out to the counselor or me for further information, if you have questions. We work very hard to assess each student's areas of strengths and weaknesses and, at times, new information causes us to make changes to ensure our groups are homogenous and students are being appropriately challenged.

We encourage you all to take the opportunity every night to go through your child's binder. There is a lot of helpful information about your child's day there, on both their daily goal sheets and in their “Take Home/Homework” folder. Middle school students have weekly R.A.P.P. grades (Responsibility, Attitude, Participation and Progress) that are completed by each teacher. Please reach out to the counselor or teacher if you have any questions about anything in your child's binder.

You may hear your child talking our whole school Citizenship program where we are all reading the book Wonder in our 3rd period enrichment groups. We are reading this as a "common read" to support our focus on responsibility and respect this year. It's a benefit that many students are familiar with the book or the movie, as this has allowed us to look more critically at the lessons we can learn from the characters in this book (the group discussions have been very insightful). It is a great read! Another exciting initiative we are working on is a new online Thinking Maps program. This has made it MUCH easier to create Thinking Maps on a device (iPad/Chromebook), as these support much of what we do all day.

I hope you have received your Enrichment survey and your child is excited about the choices ahead. Please rank activities (sometimes easiest to do “top 4 choices” and “last 4 choices” first and then fill in the medium/middle requests). This is an exciting chance for students to have supported socialization while doing something “fun” at school.

The staff is looking forward to a wonderful school year and have prepared their classrooms and lesson plans with great care. Please do not hesitate to call or email me with any questions at adavis@learningprep.org or 617-965-0764 x 407.

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