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“Let me tell you what I love about working at Learning Prep”

01 Oct 2021 1:13 PM | Anonymous

By: Cate Wilson, Human Resources Manager

I get to say this a lot lately. A significant number of teachers and administrators are changing jobs or switching careers in 2021, creating many opportunities - particularly at independent schools. It’s not hard to get people excited about the work we do. LPS has a rich faculty culture of talented, kind professionals genuinely committed to helping kids grow and succeed. When I’m recruiting for our open positions, I’m not just looking for credentials on a resume, I want folks that are philosophically aligned with our mission of providing a comprehensive, supportive education for our students. My goal is to attract people to our school who bring experience, expertise, and enthusiasm, because each new hire is a chance to further enrich our truly wonderful culture.

I keep our core values at the center of the conversation when I speak about Learning Prep. This is a place of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Courage, and Compassion. We’re committed to prizing what makes kids special, supporting them through challenges, and helping them set goals that are both aspirational and achievable. I want folks to know they’ll be held accountable to these values at LPS, but they will also find so much support and encouragement here. When people tell me why they love it here, it’s because of our community. We care about each other in an authentic way. We pitch in when someone is struggling. We laugh through the wacky, stressful moments. We cheer each other on and we grow together.

So what do I love about working at Learning Prep? I love that sometimes teachers play their guitar in class or teach math by taking their students on a jog. I love the Lego city that’s taking over our makerspace. I love walking past room after room of students looking proud and engaged rather than bored or discouraged. I love hearing that LPS is the first place where a kid has made real friends. I love that some of us have been here for decades! And I love saying with confidence that Learning Prep is a unique school full of brave, gifted, caring educators who absolutely make a difference in the lives of their students.

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