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3 ways Admissions is more than enrolling students

19 Mar 2021 12:25 PM | Anonymous

By: Korina Martin, Director of Admissions

This school year marks my 5th school year as Director of Admissions here at LPS. This means that I have personally worked with most of the families currently at LPS, helping them arrive here. This has not only a privilege but a sincere joy. Helping families learn about Learning Prep, getting to know their child, and providing a path for them to enroll here is the main, and favorite, part of my work. I love getting to know every family’s story and having that personal connection with them. When I started this position this is what I fully expected - meeting kids, meeting families and onboarding them to their new school. After some time I soon discovered that there are some longer paths to that same work. While lesser known, they are additional aspects that have helped me grow to appreciate our little world of LPS.

I’m always in touch (you may have noticed). I love being in touch with families once they’ve started at LPS. Especially at the beginning, I love hearing the anecdotes like how a child finally feels at home, or how they’re finally excited to go to school again. Seeing the end result after months and sometimes years of work, is incredibly rewarding. Additionally, every time you receive an email about an important event coming up, a survey request, or inclement weather notice, that’s from the Admissions Office (although I am hopeful that we’re done with that last one for a while). Speaking of surveys, this office also manages those parent surveys because it’s important to know how families feel about the current landscape of our community. Having an open line of communication between families and administrators is how we can best know how to help your children thrive here. And being in touch with parents, guardians, grandparents, and others, always reminds me to appreciate that our community is amazing because of our families.

I’m always in touch with others. While it’s (of course) necessary to communicate with and celebrate with our internal community, it’s also imperative that we maintain great connections to the outside community so that other families who need LPS can find us. Through visits, presentations, calls and everywhere in between, the Admissions Office connects regularly with neuropsychologists, advocates, educational consultants, district professionals, local private schools and other Chapter 766 schools with the purpose of sharing the LPS story and maintaining relationships with professionals who help their clients find schools like Learning Prep. Connecting with people who already love LPS, and educating others who are excited to know that a place like LPS exists - reminds me to appreciate the great connections that extend out well beyond our community in West Newton.

I’m always promoting Learning Prep. This can mean attending conferences, sending direct mail or print advertising but the most important one in the last several years has been maintaining an online presence. You may have noticed that our social media sites have more regular posts, our Leadership Blog is up and running again, and that the website is more regularly updated. Or maybe you yourself discovered Learning Prep originally from a site like niche.com or privateschoolreview.com. After all, the average person spends almost 7 hours a day online - so that’s a logical place to be if you want people to know about your great organization. Spending time highlighting what we love about our school and the features that make it unique, helps me appreciate the amazing staff that make this great place what it is.

At the end of the day, all of this work - communication, outreach and promotion - has two main goals; to help children find a program that helps them realize their potential and to build our strong school community. With growing appreciation every day, I’m so glad that Admissions is more than enrolling students.

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