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Marathon Monday – Defining Commitment

17 Apr 2018 5:44 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

You could see it in their faces, as thousands streamed by the LPS water station on Comm. Ave. Pain and fatigue mixed with grim determination as runners strove to validate the months of training for the world’s most difficult marathon in the most horrendous race conditions imaginable.

“This was the hardest thing I have ever done,” Amy confided by text after the race. In past races she has always stopped at the tent for a few moments to thank people for coming out to watch. This year she paused only long enough to hand her water soaked gloves to E/MS student, Julia Mantville, and continue the race, hands numb, and desperate to finish and end the misery.

Claudine Nicholas, no stranger to marathons and the stress of long distance running, said afterward, “in all my years of running, I have never been so cold!” Hampered by problems with her running gear, she finished the race just seconds before they turned off the timing clock at the finish line. Officials later added 10 minutes to the clock so more runners, who had struggled through the unimaginable head winds, could be recorded as having officially finished the race.

Despite the conditions, LPS was not without its stalwart supporters. Alumni parent and former trustee, Charlie Breslin, and daughters Caroline and Julia ’17 kept vigil. Joining them were E/MS Dean, Susan Smith-Powers and parents Brian and Nicole Mantville with daughter Julia.

As John Hancock charity runners for LPS, both Amy and Claudine have earned the gratitude of a grateful school for their extraordinary investment of time, effort and sacrifice to raise funds for our students and programs. They truly are the definition of commitment.

Charlie, Julia and Caroline Breslin

The Mantvilles brave the Marathon elements 

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Definately a day for swans . . .

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